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Free yourself from the complexities of post production and album design.
Just shoot the wedding and we do the rest.

Welcome to the Newlook Image Design website. The goal of the Newlook team is to help you, the photographer, free yourself from day to day tasks of RAW file processing, image retouching and designing albums. We hope to free up your time to shoot more, see more clients and develop your business.

Just shoot the wedding, send us your images and get back a completed wedding album design or even a finished album. By using Newlook Image Design to design your wedding albums, you will have more time doing the things that you enjoy and will make you money.

Such as:

  • Shoot more
  • Develop the portrait, commercial or other part of your photography
  • See more prospects
  • Spend time networking
  • Market your business
  • Develop better relationships with past clients
  • Service current clients better
  • Save on training staff and staff costs
  • Update database regularly to market to past clients

  • These are just some of the things that become possible when you outsource your wedding album designs and other post production work to Newlook Image Design.

    Through our extensive industry knowledge we know that most photographers wear many hats in their business. They are the marketers, sales people, bookkeepers, receptionists, retouchers, designers, production people and more. They also hope to fit photography in there somewhere and maybe a personal life.

    In listening to busy photographers we have learned that they are always busy working in their business, as a small business owner that is the norm. They do many things themselves, because they can and not necessarily because they should. In their fist year of business this is a requirement so that as a business owner you get to know the structure and workings of your business. You aren't necessarily that busy yet and need to watch your costs. The trap is continuing in the activities that could be done better, quicker and cheaper by specialists. This is a perfect example of false economising.
    You as a business owner and photographic professional need to spend more time shooting, selling to your clients and marketing your business through building industry relationships. Do you know how much your time as a photographer is worth?

    Newlook staff have many years of photography industry experience. We will listen to you and taylor services to your particular needs. You may want us to simply do the image work for you or all you may need is an album design.

    Improved time efficiency, enhanced image quality and inspirational wedding album designs make it easy for our clients to sell bigger albums to satisfied couples. This means more referrals, something every business should strive for.